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by Cheryl Johnston

Purple's in a beautiful bouquet of
Violets and lilacs
And it's that peculiar noise that is heard
When someone's back cracks

It is the color of royalty and
Of your shadow too
You will find it at the intersection
Of the reds and blues

Purple is the underbelly of a
Thick, thunderstorm cloud
And it is the sound of a newborn's cry
Which is very loud

Purple's the sound heard when an opera
Singer takes the stage
And it's the feeling of satin fabric
Not worn with old age

An artist uses purple pigments to
Describe a sunset
It is the color of a rare fish caught
In a fishing net

Purple's a little petunia painted 
On a breakfast bowl
And it is that grape-flavored bubble gum
Sticking to your sole
~Fin 5.4.00~